12 big technologies on the education horizon

Written by Laura Devaney (@eSN_Laura) via eSchoolNews

– 1 year or less:


2. Cloud computing

3. Mobile apps

4. Tablet computing

2-3 years:

5. 3D printing

6. Games and gamification

7. Learning analytics

8. Makerspaces

4-5 years:

9. Flexible displays

10. The Internet of Things

11. Virtual and remote laboratories

12. Wearable technologies

Fast trends approaching in 1-2 years include:

Digital delivery is increasingly the norm

Evolving expectations for teachers

Growing ubuquity of social media

Shift to real-world learning

Mid-range trends, 3-4 years away, include:

Growing importance of teaching ikids to code

Focus on open content

Integrations of hybrid learning designs

Rising preference for personal tech

Long-range trends, 5 years or more away, include:

The changing physical layout of furniture and classrooms

Solvable challenges:

Authentic learning

Blending formal and informal learning

Low digital fluency of teachers

Personalizing learning

Difficult challenges:

Complex thinking and communication

Increased public concern about privacy

Scaling teaching innovations

School infrastructures are under-resources

“Wicked” challenges:

Balancing our connected and unconnected lives

Keeping education relevant

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