SQL, Open Source, Security Stand Out In Hadoop Ecosystem

Written by John Furrier (@furrier) via Forbes

– Hadoop is one of the necessary requirements in realizing the promise of Big Data’s application growth in the enterprise, and key players have emerged among those most influential in this development.

One way in which Hadoop’s framework is being improved for commercial use is through SQL enhancements, which can enable businesses to run low-cost Hadoop clusters leveraging the popular, high performance language.

The last few months have been ripe with developments towards bringing SQL to Hadoop, including Apache Drill and the completion of the Stinger Initiative. Led by Hortonworks, Stinger brings full interactive query capabilities to Hadoop via a new and improved Hive. The Apache Drill project, led by MapR, provides another query option and support for JSON files.


The opportunity in securing Hadoop

Security is also an opportunity for Hadoop vendors to appeal to the enterprise, and recent developments indicate growing interest in properly securing data access for businesses eager to apply advanced analytics techniques.

Hadoop is going mainstream and 100% of the enterprises I spoke to said “Hadoop will replace their legacy enterprise data warehouse (EDW) products”.

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  1. Christian DiMare says

    Well written John – I recommend viewing full article to learn more about the companies that are helping to bring Hadoop into the mainstream.

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