What you need to know about Swift – Apple’s new programming language

Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes via ZDNET

1. Swift is Objective-C without the C

2. Works in iOS and OS X

3. Swift is fast

4. Modern: Swift includes modern features such as multiple return types, closures, generics, type interfaces, namespaces, and much more.

5. Fits right in: Swift isn’t going to upset developer workflow because it can fit right alongside Objective-C and C.

6. New language, same infrastructure: The new Swift language fits right into Apple’s existing Cocoa and Cocoa Touch framework, it is built using the same LLVM compiler, it uses the same optimizer and autovectoring and the same ARC memory manager, and the same runtime as Objective-C.

7. Easy debugging: The debugging console in Xcode contains an interactive version of the Swift language built right into it called Interactive Playground.

8. Eliminating unsafe code: Apple has designed Swift to do away with entire classes of unsafe code. Variables are always initialized before use, arrays and integers are checked for overflow, and memory is managed automatically.

9. Migration: Apple is making it possible – and easy – for developers to migrate apps from using Objective-C to Swift to improve architecture, logic, and performance.

10. You can download the Xcode 6 beta and peruse the language guide today.

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